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How to Use Nordstrom Coupon Codes?

Using Nordstrom coupon isn't hard. The retailer has made it as simple as possible for customers to enjoy great discounts. Check out the process below to enjoy steep discounts using Nordstrom coupons.

  1. Browse the Nordstrom site to find an item you want to buy.

  2. Select the item and specification and click 'Add to Bag.' A  popup page will appear asking you to 'Checkout,' or 'View shopping Bag.'

  3. Click the 'Checkout' button and you will be redirected to the checkout page.

  4. On the checkout page, just below the order total on the right-hand side of the page, you will see a link in blue written 'Promo Code.'

  5. Click on the link in blue and a drop-down field where you can enter your promo code will appear.

  6. Enter your Nordstrom coupon/ promo code, and then click 'Apply.'

  7. Follow the instructions on the website to complete your order.

  8. Make payment and wait to receive your order.

As you can see, there is nothing extremely difficult to apply Nordstrom coupon codes. 

How to Save from Nordstrom?

You can save good amounts of cash using the tips we provide in this section. To save money at Nordstrom, you should only shop their sale items. Sale items are usually those which the retailer wants to clear from its stock, and are therefore being sold at throwaway prices even though they are of great quality.

You can also save money at Nordstrom by making sure you use their free shipping offer. Don't pay extra bucks for shipping yet you can shop in such a way to remove shipping costs from your order.

Thirdly, you can save cash on by using Nordstrom coupons have we have demonstrated in the tutorial above. Check out our site and the official Nordstrom website for active and valid Nordstrom coupons.

Nordstrom Review

Nordstrom is one of the largest department stores in the US. The company has about 400 branches in total and it sells a great variety of products at its outlets and on its online store.

Shoppers on will find original beauty products, quality clothes, stylish accessories, and some great shoes.

John Nordstrom is the man who founded the company over 110 years ago in 1901. The company has been run by members of the Nordstrom family throughout the years to date.

The retailer accepts coupons and promo codes. You can apply them easily at checkout as shown on this page, to enjoy some great discounts.

Nordstrom also has a free shipping policy that you can use to your benefit to avoid paying shipping charges.

Shopping exclusively on the retailer's sale page will also help you save money.

Don't pay full, use the methods we have described above to reduce your purchase price when shopping at Nordstrom. 

Nordstrom Coupons

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About Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the oldest and leading department store chains in the whole of North America.

The company was founded over 117 years ago in 1901 and has been in operation ever since. It was founded by John Nordstrom, an American of Swedish origin.

The company started as a shoe retailer but has grown rapidly over the years and now sells a variety of merchandise including handbags, cosmetics, and fragrances.

John Nordstrom came to America as an immigrant in the late 19th century. He worked various jobs in his early years. At one time his was a farmer with over 20 hectares to his name. At another, he was a gold prospector and even struck a rich vein of gold which was however disputed.

He eventually founded a shoe store with a shoe repairer by the name of Carl Wallin. The shoe store was called Wallin and Nordstrom and it is the predecessor or Nordstrom as we know it today.

The shoe store did not grow as rapidly at first but it wasn't doing badly either. After about three decades in the business both the two original founders retired and sold their shares to Nordstrom's sons. One of the first things that the new owners did was to change the name of the store to Nordstrom. The new owners also embarked on an expansionist and modernization drive.

The company has 8 stores by 1958 and later acquired several companies increasing its presence to more locations around the country. Nordstrom got listed in 1971 on NASDAX before moving to the NYSE in 1999 where it is still publicly traded.

Nordstrom now operates in 123 locations in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico as Nordstrom. Its subsidiary, Nordstrom Rack operates in 215 locations. It has a handful of other small subsidiaries plus two clearance stores. In terms of revenue, the company is selling products worth at least fourteen billion US dollars every year and has an operating income of about one billion dollars.

The company now carries a variety of products that will impress most shoppers. They stock designer items, women's clothes and accessories, men's clothes and accessories, kid's clothes, home products, and exciting beauty products. The retailer is still big on shoes. It stocks a variety of different types of shoes for both men and women. The shoes are stylish and definitely in-fashion.

Those who love shoes and other items sold on Nordstrom will also love the company's easy shipping and return policies. The company also has a variety of offers and deals that shoppers can grab to save money when shopping on There are also some thrilling Nordstrom coupons that you can use at checkout to enjoy some steep discounts from the retailer. 

Nordstrom Free Shipping Policy

This brand has an exciting free shipping policy. According to the information on the Nordstrom website, they can ship most products on their online store to any location in the United States for free! Unlike other brands that limit free shipping to locations in the contiguous United States, this brand does not. Nordstrom also provides free shipping to other parts and territories of the United States including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. What's more, Nordstrom's products usually take less than 6 days to arrive at your doorstep. You do not need to spend a certain amount of money, or to use a certain promo code to enjoy the free shipping. Most orders automatically qualify for free shipping.

Nordstrom Return Policy

Nordstrom does not have a definite return policy. They have not set a number of days beyond which you cannot return their merchandise. The Nordstrom return policy is that the store accepts all kinds of returns at any time. Their return philosophy is that they will deal with every return "fairly and reasonably." This means that it is up to them to decide whether or not to accept a return from you. In case you want to return a product you bought from them, make sure you attach your proof of purchase to the return package. Without a proof of purchase you will not receive an actual refund but a gift card which you can use to make another purchase on their store.

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