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How to Use 1800 Contacts Coupons ?

You can save up to $50 dollars off a single purchase with 1800 contacts coupons and promo codes. The company has a coupon section on its website where it displays latest coupon codes. You could also check coupon websites for more codes. To use these codes follow the following procedure:

1. Log into the online store to make an easy purchase.

2. Select the lenses manufacturer of your choice before you proceed.

3. Select a prescription method by either taking a picture of the prescription or entering your prescription details manually.

4. Enter your full name to match the prescription to a person then click on submit to proceed to the payment page

5. On the payment page, click on the "have a promo code?" icon to reveal the filling field.

6. Enter your promo code in the highlighted box and click on apply to reveal the reduced rate

7. Enter your payment details and the lenses would be shipped to you at no cost.

How to Save On 1800 Contacts ?

Aside from the fact that 1800 contacts offer the lowered price on the market, there are several ways to make the price lower. Some of those ways are as follows.

Unbeatable Price Guarantee

Though this might be a bold statement to make, the store ensures that it stays true to its words. To boost sales, 1800 contacts would reduce their price on any item by 2% if it offered for less by any of their competitors. To do this, they are challenging the customer to bring any price difference to their notice.

You can take advantage of this offer by calling their customer care number as soon as you notice a higher price on another store. Terms and conditions apply.

Register For Discount

One of the values of this company is to retain customers for life. To do so, they encourage their customers to register on their web platform.  Thus, as soon as you register, you get 5% off your subsequent purchases. This offer is in perpetuity as it is not limited to any time frame.

Discount off First Order

1800 contacts offer you a discount of up to $20 dollars on your first purchase depending on the size of the purchase. Simply enter the coupon code in the filling field to enjoy the offer.

Visit the Website for Coupon Updates

Another unique feature of the 1800 website is the fact you can get coupon codes right from the website. The site has a designated coupon section where it regularly publishes new codes. Check this section regularly for value-adding codes.

Free Prescription Renewal

You sometimes place an order for contact lenses only to find that your prescription has expired. This would usually create challenges but 1800 contacts would renew the prescription in less than 20 minutes. To get the new prescription, simply take a fresh vision test to be sent to a certified ophthalmologist. The process can be completed on its interactive website.

1800 Contacts Review

Providing contact lenses to consumers is both scientific and commercial. Scientific in the sense that you need a medical prescription before you can obtain contact lenses. Commercial, because the product must be good enough to keep the customers coming back.  1800 contacts embody these two aspects of the venture.

Through its interactive website, you can perform functions such as entering manual prescription or taking a picture of the prescription, contact an ophthalmologist, and select a particular product manufacturer.  

The company also believes in offering the best prices to customers on a consistent basis. Thus, its large inventory turnover guarantees that you get the best product quickly and at a cost effective rate.

To skip the visit to the doctor you could conduct a test on its web platform by following the following procedure:

1. Click on the "get an exam" icon on its website

2. You would be required to create an account sign-in if you already have one

3. Take the test as prescribed on the platform

4. You would get a result from a certified Ophthalmologist in your state within one business day.

1800Contacts Coupons

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About 1800Contacts

1800 Contacts, as the name implies, is an American retailer that specializes in sale and distribution of contact lenses across America. The company was founded in 1995 by Jonathan C. Coon and was incorporated the same year. Three years after its incorporation, it became a public company traded on NASDAQ but it has since returned to a private company through an acquisition.

The company runs on two major ideas. First, the ability to provide you with the exact contact lenses prescribed by your doctor. Second, the ability to retain the already existing customer through superior service delivery.

1800 Contacts Free Shipping Policy

One of the advantages of 1-800 Contacts it's the flexibility of its shipping policy. The company ships all standard size purchases for free. Also, if you are shipping an item within America, you can expect such item to be delivered within 5-7 days of order. For international shipping, you would be subject to extra delivery days and tax payment.

1800 Contacts Return Policy

For a business like this, the return policy is of absolute importance. Thus, you can exchange contact lenses purchased at the store for another one. Their return policy applies to two categories of purchases – torn lenses and unopened lenses.

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