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How to Use McDonald's Coupon Codes?

When you get a McDonald's coupon code, you ought to know that there are two ways of redeeming it. First, you can simply walk into one of McDonald's many restaurants, and show it to a server to get your discount.

Secondly, you can download the McDonald's App, and redeem the coupon code when making your order.

McDonald's does not allow ordering directly through their website but this won't inconvenience you in any way as the App is sufficient.

To use the company's coupon codes on your smartphone, follow the instructions below.

1. Download the official McDonald's App.

2. Select the foods you want to buy.

3. Set the time you want to pick them up.

4. Choose any deal from the available deals by clicking the ‘Add Deal to Mobile Order' button.

5. Pay for your order using any payment card.

6. Get to any participating McDonald's restaurant and get your ordered meal brought to you curbside (avoid the queue).

How to Save at McDonald's?

McDonald's serves tens of millions of customers every day. This should tell you that they are massively popular. In this section, we will tell you about some of the exciting promotions that have attracted droves of men and women to the restaurant; promotions that can save you good money.

The most exciting promotion at McDonald's can be found on the company's App. The App has plenty of exclusive deals that are just waiting for you to take advantage of them. For instance, with the App, you can get FREE Medium Fries with any purchase worth more than $1. You can also get a sandwich for $1, free soft drinks, and/ or even 20 pieces of soft and crunchy chicken nuggets for just $4.99. These deals make it fun and cost-saving to order food on the App.

Those who like doing things the old way should subscribe to the company's mailing list. The restaurant uses the list to deliver the latest news, deals, and promotions straight to your inbox. The emails will help you to know when to check in for the best prices, and free side items.

Coffee addicts will love this next promotion. The promotion is known as McCafe Rewards. The promotion is all about rewarding loyal McCafe coffee buyers. For every seven hot cups of coffee you buy from the restaurant, you will be rewarded with one cup free of charge. If you are a devoted caffeine drinker, this can really help you to shave off a couple of dollars from your weekly/ monthly coffee budget.

Lastly, you can save money at McDonald's by organizing your party or your kid's party at one of their locations. Most of their premium locations have ‘party and play' spaces, and allow customers to quickly organize a party without having to spend so much money.

Something important of note is that you can save some good money on your data plans if you live near a McDonald's. You can do this by enjoying the free Wi-Fi they offer at their premium locations and using it to do some work in the morning while sipping some hot coffee or sweet tea, whatever takes your fancy.

McDonald's Review

McDonald's is arguably one of the world's most popular brands. Movies have been shot at this restaurant, and it is pretty much a symbol of American progress and values, as it is of its own happy meals and beverages. The company was founded in the early 1940s by two brothers. The brothers popularized the fast-food restaurant concept and made the restaurant a great neighborhood restaurant for quick and affordable meals.

Although the brothers gave the restaurant its identity, it was an entrepreneur by the name Kroc who made the company what it is today. He branded it, standardized it, marketed it, and did so many more things that drove the company from obscurity to major cities across the globe. Right now, the company is worth about $18 billion and operates in about 37,000 locations. The company makes billions in revenues plus some pretty good profits.

The main food items that can be bought at the restaurant include chicken nuggets, well-sized burgers, and delicious French fries. You can also enjoy freshly-brewed coffee, sweet tea, and tasty bakery goods for breakfast at the restaurant chain. Many more food items are available on their online menu.

You can expect quality in every meal you buy from them as they use the same processes to source, test, and prepare their meals. Apart from the quality of the meal, there is also the fact that you can expect the same design plus cleanliness, and other standard features from every McDonald's establishment. This creates a familiar kind of vibe in every restaurant, which will enable you to enjoy your meal in peace.

In addition to the restaurant's standardized locations, you will also enjoy the numerous deals and promotions it regularly offers its customers.

You can find the deals on their official App or by subscribing to their mailing list. The deals include some pretty exciting food items for $1, or for free with the purchase of another item.

To take advantage of these deals, make sure you log in to the McDonald's App frequently, or you check your email regularly to find the latest promos, and to use them accordingly to save money. Wait not for any coupon site. Download the official App and subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date with the latest promotional information from this renowned restaurant.

Apart from the official deals, ordering your soda without ice is also a nice way to get more soda on the same amount of money.

McDonalds Coupons

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About McDonalds

McDonald's is arguably one of the most popular fast food restaurants on the entire globe! Its tasty fries, delectable chicken pieces, huge burgers, freshly brewed coffee drinks, and other exciting meals, are renowned throughout America and beyond. The company's double arch logo is probably just as representative of America as the national flag. Even though many people know what to expect every time they walk into a McDonald's restaurant, or when they pick an order at one of their drive-thru restaurants, the majority are not aware of the company's background and history.

McDonald's was started in 1940 by two brothers, Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald, as a simple burger restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Although the brothers are behind the fast-food kind of service at the restaurant, it was their partner, Ray Kroc, who took the restaurant to the next level and gave it its current identity.

Ray Kroc joined the business as a partner in 1955, about 15 years after it was established. He pushed the brothers out of the business with his aggressive business tactics and is credited with the national and global expansion of the restaurant chain. Some of the changes Kroc made included filing papers to own the 'McDonald's' and the ‘Golden Arches' trademarks.

The restaurant had just 9 locations when he was joining. Kroc was able to turn it into a national and truly international business by the time he was leaving. As of now, the restaurant company operates in approximately 37,000 locations around the globe. About 70 million customers visit these locations every day for quick meals. Some of the popular meals sold at the restaurant include McCafe Brewed Coffee, McChicken, Cheeseburger, Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, and the Classic Chicken Sandwich. The food ingredients are freshly sourced, and the meals are freshly prepared to ensure that each juicy bite is worth every cent you spend on it.

McDonald's offers its clients incredible deals through a variety of communication channels that we will share with you later in this article. The deals include free fries, free drinks, and free burgers. Most of the offers are limited-time offers; you will need to take them as soon as you become aware of them. Otherwise, they will expire and you will miss out on your chance to save dollars on your next meal.

McDonald's Free Shipping Policy

You can order a meal online from McDonald's in two ways; through the McDonald's App and through the Uber Eats App. When you order your meal on the App, you will have to pick it from your nearest McDonald's restaurant. So there is no free shipping here. When you order your meal through the Uber Eats App, from participating McDonald's restaurant, you will have to pay the shipping fees. However, sometimes there are promotions from McDonald's and from Uber Eats that allow customers to get food at reduced prices.

McDonald's Return Policy

McDonald's allows customers to abandon their online orders before they pick them up at the restaurant. However, once your credit card is swiped at the restaurant, you will not be able to cancel your order. Nevertheless, in case what you have ordered is not satisfactory, you can lodge a complaint with the specific restaurant to get a refund or a replacement.

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