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How to Use Pep Boys Coupon Codes?

You can use the Pep Boys Coupon codes for getting good discounts while ordering any product from the Pep Boys online store. The coupons or promo codes can be used  as per the following instructions:

1. Select the items you want to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

2. When you move to the checkout option, you can find an option to add the Pep Boys coupon code or promo code on the right side bottom of the page.  

3. After entering the Pep Boys coupon code, click on the apply button. Now you can see the discounted final price. Then you can proceed to checkout and make the payment.

How to Save from Pep Boys?

You can save while buying from Pep Boys store in many ways:

1. While purchasing the auto parts, accessories, tools, engine oil etc, make sure that you are making use of the available discounts and coupons or promo codes offered by the Pep Boys store. You can find information regarding a number of coupon codes in various online websites.

2. Choose the SMS alert and sign up for email option during the checkout process, to keep yourself updated about the coupons and promo codes offered by the company which you can use for purchasing other products as per your requirement in your future orders from the Pep Boys online store.

Pep Boys Review

Pep Boys is one of the popular companies in the business world today. It supplies name brand tires, services such as automotive repair and maintenance, for the do-it-yourselfer. It provides parts as well as expert advice, delivers commercial auto parts, provides services of fleet maintenance and repair to the US customers with Just Brakes. It operates more than 8300 service bays in more than 930 locations in 35 states and in Puerto Rico.

The products available in the Pep Boys store can be either purchased online or by visiting the store. You can save a lot while making the purchase in various  ways:

1. Check the online websites for a number of latest valid coupons online, to get your Pep Boys products from the store at a discounted price.

2. By purchasing the products during the festive seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas, New year event etc., you can avail the best offers and save a lot.

3. You should sign up for email and provide your phone number to keep yourself updated about the latest discounts and promo codes which you can use while initiating your next purchases.

4. By signing up for email, you can earn 100 bonus points.

5. By spending every dollar, you earn 1 point.

On earning 250 points, you earn a reward of $10.Similarly, 500 points will give you $20 reward, 1250 points will give $50 reward and 2500 points provide you a reward of $100.

You can track your reward points easily online, view and print the reward certificate and check the expiry of reward points.

In case you forgot to add your purchase your while buying products in-store, then you can do it online by using your receipt.

Pep Boys Coupons

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About Pep Boys

Pep Boys is a retail and service company dealing with automotive aftermarket in America. It was founded in 1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Emanuel Rosenfeld, Maurice L. Strauss, W.Graham Jackson, and Moe Radavitz. Each of them contributed $200 to start the business.

When the assembly line production of the Ford Model T came into the picture, the car ownership increased. This led Strauss to consider the need for opening an auto accessories store.  

The company operated in the name of Pep auto supply company in the initial 2 years. With proper planning, the company remains safe even when there was a Great Depression. During such time, the company also sold some non-auto accessories such as radio supplies, bicycles which the customers needed. Instead of laying off employees, running into debt or selling the company to a competitor, the company increased its strength to two times through its expansion to California as a separate company named The Pep Boys-Manny, Moe & Jack of California. Thus the first store was opened in Los Angeles in the year 1933.

In 1945, Pep boys became a public company to cater to the increasing demands of consumers at the end of WWII. The company grew with the infusion of cash after which the Pep boys expanded into the suburbs. Then it got its new headquarters in 3111 West Allegheny Avenue in the East Falls section in Philadelphia, which is known today as the ‘store support center' and houses the corporate offices of the company.

By 1969, the number of stores increased to 124 and the number of service bays and service managers also increased. By 1970, all the Pep Boys stores had become self-serviced merchandising with a computerized inventory system. Through the 1980's aggressive expansion program, the automotive supercentre evolved that led to the formation of more than 700 stores, with $3600 service bays and annual sales of more than $2 billion. In 1990, the expansion continued to Puerto Rico.

More than 6 million cars and car owners avail the service today at Pep Boys. There are more than 23 million members who have signed up for the "Rewards" for special offers in the stores.

The company primarily started focusing on the development of service centers and tire centers as its growth strategy, leading to the operation of 7400 service bays in about 800 stores throughout the nation. The'Speed Shops' intend to meet the requirements of the increasing number of car enthusiasts.

A new service center created in 2012, named "The Road Ahead" provides a service and retail consumer experience that is generally found in high-end car dealerships. The acquisition of the company occurred in 2016 by  Icahn Automotive Group LLC which is investing and operating the business in aftermarket parts distribution and service.

The Pep Boys coupons and promo codes offered by the website can be used while buying a variety of products sold on the website, to get exciting discounts on the final price in the cart.

Pep Boys Free Shipping Policy

The company ships the products to your doorstep in the least possible time, after you confirm the order. This is done at affordable rates. Customers are also offered the choice to choose the shipping method from FedEx or USPS. Also, there is a range of delivery services from which the most convenient option can be selected to match one's requirements.

Pep Boys Return Policy

Pep Boys ensures customer satisfaction by allowing a return of an unused and uninstalled product with which you are not satisfied, within 90 days of the invoice date. This can be returned to the Pep Boys store or to the processing center. The invoice needs to be included while returning a product. After receiving the product the company will refund the full item except for the shipping charge except for the case of a product received by you in damaged or defective condition. It takes 3-5 business days to process the refund.

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