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How to Use Saatchi Art Coupon Codes?

There are two ways you can get coupons to use while purchasing from Saatchi Art; from the Saatchi Art website or from third party websites. Using the coupons is actually an easy task and we have simplified the process here for you.

1. Should you get the coupons or codes from third party websites, copy the code.

2. Should it be from Saatchi Art website, copy the code too.

3. Add your preferred artwork to your cart

4. On the checkout page, click at the ‘Enter promotion code' part

5. Paste the code and you'll notice the promo code reflect a new price for the item.

6. Proceed to pay, checkout and enjoy your savings!

How to Save from Saatchi Art?

Saatchi Art has more ways of saving your money when purchasing artwork. Here are our most effective methods of doing so;

1. A lot of third party websites have coupons and offer codes you can use while buying items from Saatchi Art, make good use of them.

2. Regularly visit the Saatchi Art website as different offers are put there on regular basis for you to use while purchasing from their website. Always be on the lookout for such.

3. Subscribe to their mailing list and always be on the know for new artworks on offer and deals that are up for grabs.

Saatchi Art Review

Saatchi Art has made the trading of artworks easier as it all now happens by a click of the button-at the comfort of your home. The process of selling or obtaining an item is quite easy and that is why thousands use this platform. Saatchi Art ensures maximum customer satisfaction right from the purchase to the delivery of the product.

Here are a few tips you can use to make the most from Saatchi Art;

1. Be a regular visitor to their website and check out their offers

2. Subscribe to their newsletter

3. Frequently watch out for coupons from third party websites

4. Check out for their coupon codes and promo codes

5. Look out for promotions and discounts

Saatchi Art Coupons

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About Saatchi Art

Having its headquarters at Los Angeles, Saatchi Art is a safe haven for the lovers of art. It offers a better platform and redefined experience for both artists and collectors. Saatchi Art has a wide range of art products ranging from original drawings, paintings, sculptures and photography works from over 60,000 artists coming from more than 100 countries. The artists use the platform to exhibit and sell their works. In 2014, Saatchi Art, previously Saatchi Online, was acquired by Leaf Group.

The company regularly has numerous deals and offers you can take advantage of.

Saatchi Art Free Shipping Policy

Should you buy an item from Saatchi Art, the price of the art work is inclusive of the shipping costs. Saatchi Art uses only reputable shipping companies to make sure your item is delivered to you in time. The delivery time may take between 3 to 14 days. The customs clearing processes and other factors may delay the delivery time to some countries to up to 30 days.

Saatchi Art Return Policy

Saatchi Art works to ensure that all their clients are satisfied with their deliveries. Should you not be contented with the artwork you received, you are eligible to return the item and ask for a refund. For an original artwork, one has 7 days to contact Saatchi Art on their intent to return the artwork. Open edition prints have a window of 30 days for you to decide whether you want to return the product or not. However, special collection, limited edition and framed open edition prints don't have a return guarantee. Should the return be as a result of client remorse, the collector will bear the shipping costs. The artist will bear the shipping costs should the return be a result of misinformation or non-disclosure of important information on the website.

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