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How to Use Speck Coupon Codes?

1. Add your favorite Speck Products Product to your shopping bag on the site.

2. Begin the checkout process and click "Checkout as a guest" to save time.

3. Enter your shipping details.

4. Enter your billing details.

5. On the bottom of the page with the billing details, you will see a field marked "ENTER DISCOUNT CODE." Enter your Speck coupon code in this field.

6. Complete the checkout process by reviewing and confirming your order.

How to Save from Speck?

One can save on Speck Productsproducts.com by using Speck coupon codes. You can get the codes from the online store itself by taking a look at the company's homepage or by subscribing to the company's mailing list. Mailing list subscription will get you a guaranteed Speck promo code of 15% off to use on your first purchase. Speck promo codes can also be acquired by checking out this very page.

One can also save on Speck Products by taking advantage of the firm's free shipping policy on all domestic orders.

Lastly, one can save on Speck Products by shopping for smartphone accessories on the store's sale section where dozens of sale items listed at up to 80% off!

Speck Review

This company was founded by Tony Lillios, David Law, and Ryan Mongan in 2001 in San Mateo, California. It manufactures smartphone accessories including covers, screen protectors, phone grips, phone mounts, power banks, and a screen cleaning kit.

The brand was acquired in 2014 by Samsonite (the popular luggage manufacturer).

You can find Speck Products in most retail chains including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Verizon, Sprint, and the likes. All Speck Products are also available on speckproducts.com – the company's official website.

Shoppers can save money on speckproducts.com by using Speck coupon codes/ promo codes. They can also save money by shopping the sale section of the website that has many sale items at up to 80% off.

This store is definitely worth checking out as it has quality and innovative products.

Speck Coupons

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About Speck

Speck Products is a mobile accessories company that was founded in the year 2001 by Tony Lillios, David Law, and Ryan Mongan in San Mateo, California. The company only really caught on when it started to make covers/ cases for popular smartphone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, and the likes. In addition to phone cases, Speck Products now manufactures other products such as laptop cases, laptop bags, tablet cases, screen protectors, power accessories, phone mounts, and phone grip holders. The brand holds several patents for some of its unique smartphone accessories.

When other companies noticed the growth and the potential of Speck Products, many became interested in acquiring the brand. Samsonite (the famous luggage manufacturer) successfully bid and acquired the company in 2014 by paying a tidy sum of 85 million USD to the owners.

You can now find the company's products in all the major retailers across the country including AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Macy's, Sam's Club, Office Depot, Verizon, and Walmart. Alternatively, you can buy them directly from the brand's official online store (Speck Productsproducts.com). The company's products are fairly priced. It also has a SALE section with sale items at up to 80% off. Moreover, you can pay even less for items on the online store by using Speck coupon codes. Read on to find out more.

Speck Free Shipping Policy

This brand has a free shipping offer for all domestic orders. All domestic orders are normally processed within 24 hours during working days. Two-day shipping is available for just 5 USD. Speck does not ship internationally as at this time.

Speck Return Policy

Speck Products accepts the return of any product for any reason if the return is done within thirty days. However, the product must be in good condition. If the product you are returning is deemed by the company to be in good condition, Speck will refund you with the amount you paid minus shipping and handling costs related to the initial purchase. Speck categorically states that it will not provide a refund for any product returned more than 30 days from the date it was bought.

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