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About Tarte

According to Time.com, Tarte founder Maureen Kelly first started creating her own makeup when she was just four years old. Her early attempts started with a mixture of red cough syrup and shaving cream and gradually became more sophisticated. Though she never went to cosmetology school, she grew up to be a “self-described makeup junkie.” While studying psychology at Columbia University, Maureen could not shake the feeling that her current path just wasn’t for her. Instead, she wanted to solve the one big problem she kept having every time she bought makeup: she couldn’t get the in-store look right on her own. So she dropped out of school and did everything she could, including run up all her credit cards, to get her own line of makeup started. Her hard work paid off, and since its daring beginnings, Tarte has been endorsed by celebrities ranging from Julianne Moore to Oprah Winfrey. And though Maureen doesn’t advertise, she does appear regularly on QVC, and her products can be found in Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's locations worldwide. If you’re thinking of buying some Tarte cosmetics, start your shopping trip by grabbing a Tarte promo code from our site Coupons.Tarte’s easy-to-apply cosmetics include cheek stain, the iconic product that first put the company on the map. In addition to being a smooth gel, rather than a powder, this one-of-a-kind blush comes packaged in a chunky push-up stick. Before applying their cheek stain, customers can use a bamboo brush to evenly distribute Tarte’s lightweight mineral-powder foundation made with Amazonian clay. For the lips, a balm infused with maracuja oil exfoliates the skin with raw sugar. No matter your desired look, Tarte has a product for you, and our site Coupons has all the coupons and deals you need to save on your order.

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tarte cosmetics offers free shipping on orders over $40 - no coupon needed. Shop their Sale section to find where their best deals are. Sometimes there may be other exclusive offers on the tarte Facebook page so check there as well. More offers from tarte may be found at our site.

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