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How to use Yankee Candle Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes of the Yankeecandle.com are very easy to use. We are going to discuss the checkout process and how to use coupons.

• You need to add the desired candle and other items of the store to your online "Shopping Bag" and click on the checkout button to proceed.

• Review all the items and see whether you need to make some adjustments or not.  Enter the coupon code in the given place and then click on the "Apply" button.

• Click on the "Checkout" button to continue to your checkout screen on their website. You can also click on the buttons of "Buy with Google" and "Checkout with PayPal" to check out via these services.

• Now provide them your complete shipping address and your other address as well if it is different from the shipping address.

• Review the complete order and see if you want to make some changes in it or not.

• Provide them with all of your payment details and then click on the button of "Submit Payment".

How to save from Yankee Candle?

There are many ways which can be used to get an awesome discount from the Yankee Candle. Make sure that you are purchasing from the store with a discount.

• There are many promo codes and Yankee Candle coupon codes out there especially when you make a purchase on the Black Friday or other clearance sales of the Yankee.

• Make most of your purchases during the semi-annual sale of the Yankee Candle where they provide up to 75% discount to their customers.

• Yankee Candle has a lot of options when it comes to fragrances, you can buy the retiring fragrances from the store which can give you some real discount and good fragrance as well.

• You can also sign up for the email list of Yankee Candle and they will send you exclusive discount offers via email. This also makes sure that you are aware of all the sales and offers of the Yankee Candle.

• Follow the Yankee Candle on social media sites and stay up to date about all the offers and discounts of the brand.

• You can buy the products of Yankee which are sold in other stores and mostly they are offering huge discounts to people. The two best places to look for the Yankee Candle are Walmart and Amazon stores.

• Yankee also has a reward program for the customers. You can join the reward program and earn points which can be redeemed later. They give 100 points for a single dollar purchase. You will get a $5 voucher from them on having 10,000 points.

• There is an amazing trick to save money from online stores. You can fill your shopping bad online but don't check out and leave the website. Most of the companies then send you discounted offers and you can later checkout by using those offers.

Yankee Candle Review

Yankee is the most popular candle making brand in the world and the scents of the company are rivals to the popularity of stores like Lancaster Colony and Blyth. The company mostly focuses on creating the jar candles, small tumbler candles, and large candles. It offers candleholders, candles, dinnerware, and accessories.

Since its beginning in 1969 it is popular in the masses. It was actually created by Michael Kittredge who uses to create a candle for his mother and then people got to know about it and started asking for it. When Michael started making at a larger scale by getting the funding from his friend Maclver the brand also started to make its name. The sales of the company surpassed $100 million in 1996. The company was sold to Forstmann Little & Co 2 years later, then Forstmann Little & Co launched massive advertising campaigns and expanded the brand to the whole country.

They are very good at marketing as well and keeps the interest of people in their products by offering some awesome limited edition candles and scents. These limited editions are given by the company during the holiday seasons. They also participate in different charitable programs and keep their positive image in the community. There are many special projects which are sponsored by Yankee Candle. Yankee Candle is involved in the fundraising activities of the educational institution and other clubs which are working for extra-curricular activities in the country. Making a purchase at their store also means that you are participating in all these activities.

You can save a lot using different ways.

You can use the Yankee Coupon codes and other special offers for exclusive discounts from the store.

Try to look for the products on important festivals which gives sales for a limited time like Christmas and clearance sales including black Friday.

Yankee Candle Coupons

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About Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle was established back in 1969 on the eve of Christmas. It is a major fragrance and candle retailer which is based in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The products of Yankee Candle are sold by thousands of gift shops in the country. The stores are operating in 50 countries of the world and have 580 stores in 46 US States. Yankee Candle delivers up soaps, scented balms, and fragrances. They are known for their good prices.

You can browse the large selection of candles and jar candles as a gift for your loved ones. If you are looking for a flame-free home then add some potpourri in your cart. 

Yankee Candle Free Shipping Policy

Yankee Candle is giving FREE shipping to its customers over the purchase of $100.

Yankee Candle Return Policy

Yankee Candle provides a hassle-free exchange to all the customers. You can have full returns which are available by mail and in-store. If you are looking for in-store exchanges or returns, bring the packing slip or receipt with the card used for the purchase and get the return.

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