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How to Use Chegg Coupon Codes?

You can easily use the Chegg coupons while purchasing books online or for rentals. This doesn't require you to have any technical expertise in computer operations. Just follow the following simple steps to use the coupons during the online purchase. These are as follows:

1.Log on to your Chegg account or create an account by providing the details, if you are the first time user.

2. Select the book you want to take as rental or purchase and add it to your cart.

3. In the cart, you can find a space to use the coupon or promo code on the top right corner.

4. You can find the discounted price in your cart.

How to Save from Chegg?

They are various ways by which you can enjoy discounts while purchasing books or opting for book rentals at Chegg, without using the coupons. These are as follows:

1. You can sign up using your email to stay updated about the latest offers and promotions at Chegg.

2. The store may offer special discounts during some occasions such as Black Friday, Christmas, New Year eve etc.

3. There is an option to get scholarships for the high school students or college students of different age group. You can avail this option to get benefits.

4. The Chegg scholarship redemption is also possible by entering the code and clicking "redeem" in the Scholarship redemption tab present in the lower portion of the Chegg's page.

Chegg Review

Here are some ways by which you can avail good offers and discounts while ordering your favorite books or taking them for rental:

1. On the Chegg's home page there is n option at the lower portion of the page, named"Chegg Coupon".You can keep checking this to know about the latest coupons, offers, and promo codes offered by it.

2. You can also search for the coupon or promo codes on various online sites and use it while checkout, to avail good discounts.

3. You can follow Chegg on Facebook and Twitter to know about its latest offers and promotions.

Chegg Coupons

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About Chegg

Chegg is an education technology company in America. It is based in Santa Clara, California. In the year 2011, three Iowa State University students created the company in the United States. Aayush Phumbhra is its founder. The name Chegg has been derived as a portmanteau of the words "chicken" and "egg", which is based on the experience of its founder after he graduated from the college when getting a job without experience was not easy and also getting experience without a job is also not possible at all

It specializes in online textbook rentals in physical as well as in the digital formats. It also supports in homework help, online tutoring, scholarships as well as internship matching. It aims to serve the students in high school and college.

Citation services such as EasyBib, Citation Machine, BibMe, and Cite This For Me are also owned by it. A strategic partnership was formed by Chegg with Ingram Content Group in the year 2014, in order to transfer the ownership of the current as well as the new textbook inventory to Ingram, which is equivalent to approximately 10% anticipated textbook volume of Chegg's for the Fall 2014 semester

This partnership remarkably altered the direction for Chegg and decreased the overhead costs of handling the storage and direct shipping.

Chegg made an announcement of intensifying its partnerships with Ingram by making them liable to purchase 100% of the textbook inventory. Chegg markets the books to the students directly, through controlled pricing or through catalog selection. Ingram is involved in managing the distribution, logistics, and warehousing of the books

Such a strategic move aims at cutting the costs and working towards 100% digital revenue. Pearson entered into a partnership with Chegg in August 2017 in order to provide the education textbooks at an affordable pricing. The "rental only" business model was used in this partnership operation.

In January 2007, the firm got the financing of $2.2 Million led by Mike Maples and Gabriel Venture Partners, of which that of Mike Maples occurred through the Maple Investments that is currently known as Floodgate Fund. Oren Zeev invested $47 million in August 2008. $7 million was invested by Primera Capital who led its Series B.It included the participation from previous investors, i.e Gabriel Venture Partners, and Mike Maples. The firm raised $57 million in November 2009 and $75 million from Ace Limited in 2010. As on January 2010, Chegg got a total equity financing of about $150 million since its inception, which primarily sourced from the venture capital funding. Foundation Capital, Insight Venture Partners, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Pinnacle Ventures, and TriplePoint Capital are its prominent investors.

By making suitable arrangements with the American Forests' Global Releaf Program, Chegg makes sure that for each book that is rented or purchased by a customer, a tree is planted. In this way, to date, about 5 million trees have been planted because of the initiative.

Avail the best offers and discounts at Chegg by the use of coupons or promo codes, by buying books or getting them for rentals.

Chegg Free Shipping Policy

Chegg offers free standard shipping of the physical textbooks whether for rental or for purchase. In order to avail this offer, the price should be worth $35 or more. You can't combine this offer with any other offer. This offer can change at any time, so you need to check the latest free shipping offers, before purchasing the books or getting them for rental from Chegg.

Chegg Return Policy

You can return the books that you had rented from Chegg. You do not have to return the books in the same box in which it was sent to you. You can use any proper box for this. You can see when your books are due, from the due date that can be seen next to the title of the books that need to be returned. The rental books can be dropped off at UPS by the due date. If you want, you can extend the rental period of your textbook. You can even opt to buy the rental books

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