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How to Use Rockauto Coupon Codes?

For you to enjoy the great discounts offered by Rockauto, it is important to know how to use their coupon codes. The process is quite simple. Below is a step by step guide on how to do this.

  1. Select the auto part you wish to purchase from their part catalog, part number search or tools, and universal parts menu.

  2. A pop-up page will appear containing the item you have chosen and its price. Click "Add to cart".

  3. A page will appear containing your selected product and the total amount. It is at this point that you can check out by clicking on "Check out" or continue shopping for other products by clicking on "Continue shopping".

  4. Once you have all you need in your cart, click on "Check out".  You will be directed to another page where you will be required to fill in your billing address and payment method. Once that is done click on "Place Order".

  5. It is at this point that you can then apply your coupon code. Type the code in the provided space and complete the shopping process.

How to Save from Rockauto?

The best part about shopping from Rockauto is that it offers its customers different ways of saving their money. First off, you can apply your coupon code at the end of your shopping process to save up to 5% of your money. At times you could even save more!

Secondly, Rockauto has manufacturer rebates on different products. These rebates allow you to get part of your money back once you have purchased the item on offer.

Lastly, Rockauto also has gift certificates for selected items. They allow buyers to minimize cost and save their cash by acting as discounts. 

Rockauto Review

Rockauto is one of the largest online auto parts retailers in the world. The business is family owned and it was founded back in 1999.

It has a great variety of car parts and their website is extremely easy to use. They are, in fact, known for selling the best auto parts at the most affordable prices. And it is because of this reduced prices that Rockauto does not offer free shipping services. According to the company, there are no hidden shipping costs on their products.

Their clients get to enjoy discounts on different products through coupon codes and company gift certificates. Additionally, different manufacturers offer rebates on some of their products that can be enjoyed by shopping through this retailer.

That is not all! Their return policy is one of the best!  In case you get a product that is defective, has a missing part or is simply not what you ordered for, the return is accepted and you will get a refund of your funds within three business days. How cool is that!

Rockauto Coupons

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About Rockauto

Rockauto was founded back in 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin by the Taylor family. The family's engineering background and passion for old cars led to the opening of this company.

Rockauto has employed more than 150 employees. Being a store and not a repair shop, their staff does not include mechanics. However, they have service manuals to assist their clients in performing repairs.

At present, Rockauto ships thousands of car parts from different manufacturers to clients all over the world. Their catalog is updated on a daily basis with mechanical parts such as shock absorbers and brake pads, major assemblies such as engine long blocks and steering gears, body parts such as mirrors and bumpers, and interior trim such as carpets and door handles. Their specialties include ford, Cadillac, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, and Chevrolet parts among others.

Rockauto Free Shipping Policy

Rockauto does not offer free shipping. The company states on its website that shipping is never free and that carriers must always be paid for deliveries. As a result, they argue that retailers who don't charge shipping often add hidden shipping fees in product prices inflating the cost of items. According to the company, their solution to this problem is to stay honest and keep prices low by showing customers the real shipping cost to their addresses. In summary, Rockauto does not offer free shipping. The company says that auto parts on its website are cheaper as a result of this because there are no hidden shipping costs in their item prices.

Rockauto Return Policy

Rockauto accepts returns within thirty days from the date of purchase. The company's website has a simple automated process to help you arrange for the return of purchased auto parts. Although Rockauto accepts the return of any of the parts they sell, they do not accept the return of paints or oils that have been opened. You can return an auto part if it is not what you ordered. if it is defective if it has a missing part if it is broken if it doesn't fit and if you don't want it. The best thing about the Rockauto return policy is that when your return is accepted, you will receive a refund within three business days.

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