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How to Use Silk'n Coupon Codes?

Silk'n has a very easy process of using their coupon codes. The following is the process of using a Silk'n discount code.

1. Visit Silk'n website at

2. Select a category of products you wish to buy. Their range of products includes; hair removal, anti-aging, Microderm, cellulite, acne, and accessories.

3. Click on the particular item you want to buy.

4. Specify the number of pieces you want and click on ‘Add to cart'.

5. A summary of the order will appear, confirm by proceeding on to check out.

6. On the right-hand side, insert the code here in the discount box area.

7. Click ‘apply' and the discount will reflect automatically.

How to Save from Silk'n?

Silk'n offers a chance for their customers to save while shopping with them. Besides using coupons, customers can save up to 30% through the buy more save more promotion. The following are ways in which one can save from Silk'n:

1. For orders above $99, you get 10% off.

2. Orders above $199 attract a 20% off.

3. For orders above $349, you get 25% off.

You can also save on particular products included in the buy more save more promotion. When you buy an anti-aging and a cellulite product, you get 10% off. For a hair removal and a microderm product, one gets 20% off. You can also get 30% off once you buy a Mani-Pedi and an Acne Control product.

Silk'n Review

Silk'n is a well-established beauty brand with influence throughout the world. They have released over ten million skin care products to their customers. Consequently, it is the first brand approved by the FDA for producing hair removal products, especially for home use. The brand uses popular U.S retailers to ensure that their product is readily available. Customers can buy Silk'n products at Koln's and Bed, Bath & Beyond retail outlets. Silk'n beauty products have been proven to provide quality skin care by dermatologists.

Silk'n is the leading brand in aesthetic devices for home use. They have beauty products in different categories that depend on the intended use. The product range from; hair removal, Microderm, anti-aging, acne, cellulite, and accessories. Hair removal and cellulite categories are the best selling products at Silk'n.

There are many ways to save on shopping at Silk'n.

1. Customers can save up to 30% through the buy more save more promotion.

2. Silk'n customers can also save on shipping fees for orders above €35.

3. Keep in touch with Silk'n by registering on their newsletter. Hence, be the first to know about promotions and coupons.

4. Search for Silk'n coupons and use them when making your order. Silk'n has a number of coupons available online.

5. Take advantage of special sales like Halloween sales. Products are always on discount on such special days.

Silk'n Coupons

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About Silk'n

Silk'n brand is a product of Home Skinovations Ltd. The company is led by CEO Moshe Mizrahy and aims at providing top skin care remedies. The brand is a dream from ten years ago by a group of scientists, business professionals as well as engineers. The team wanted to provide affordable devices that people could use in the privacy of their homes and still get professional results.

Silk'n has made this dream a reality by releasing over ten million products to the world. The main aim of the brand is to help their users achieve smoother, clearer, hair-free, tighter, and softer skin. The secret behind the success is their ability to discover how to remove body hair effectively. They use the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology and works for both men and women.

Silk'n have made efforts to ensure that their products are readily available to their customers. In this view, they have partnered with retailers within the U.S. Customers can find Silk'n products at Koln's and at Bed, Bath & Beyond retail outlets. Customers stand to make savings of 10%, 20% or 25% off by buying more at Silk'n. Silk'n offers 10% off for orders above $99. For orders above $199, you get 20% off, and 25% off for orders above $349.

Silk'n Free Shipping Policy

Silk'n offers free shipping within Europe for orders above €35. Orders below €35 will attract a shipping fee that will reflect upon checkout. When placing an order, the customer cannot select a preferred shipping method. Silk'n selects the most convenient shipping method depending on the customer's location. However, most orders will be shipped to P.O boxes.

Silk'n Return Policy

Silk'n allows their customers to return items that do not satisfy them. The customer also gets a refund for the money spent less the shipping fee. Silk'n offers a 60-day money back guarantee for; Silhouette, Titan, and all hair removal devices except replacement cartridges. Additionally, Silk'n offers a 30 days money back guarantee for; Revit, Pure, PediPro, Reveal, FaceFX, Blue, Swirl, and Pedi. Silk'n does not offer refunds on consumables such as skin care, cartridge, and replacement head products. Should a customer refuse to accept an item upon delivery, Silk'n refunds the customer's money less shipping fee and a 20% handling fee. Silk'n does not offer refunds for items acquired from third-party retailers. Every return must have an authorization number. Any returns without an authorization number will be sent back to the customer. Additionally, returns should be within 30 days after authorization. Otherwise, this will attract an extras 20% handling fee. Customers should pack items carefully to prevent damage because such items will receive partial credit. The following is the procedure of making returns at Silk'n: 1. Contact customer service at 1-877-367-4556 for an authorization number. 2. The number is sent through a return confirmation email. 3. Safely package all the items and arrange for shipping. The customer will bear all shipping and duty charges for international shipments. 4. Once the item arrives, a refund is done within 5-10 business days. 5. Any charges incurred will be deducted from the refund.

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